CAD Standardization and Training

Facilitating CAD system enterprise through standardization, best practices, and training

If everyone speakers the same language, then the communication will get easier. But most importantly, the jobs can be transferred with tremendous time saving.

‘Pays once benefit many users’

Standardized CAD objects and best practices:

  • Standardized CAD objects data such as parameters, layers, views, MBD, model integrity, drawing formats, material library, drawing notes, etc.
  • Large assembly management
  • Models import/export
  • Document best practices

CAD Administration:

  • CAD upgrade
  • CAD/PLM configurations upgrade
  • CAD licenses management
  • Automate CAD processes
  • Implement CAD add-on/plugin
  • CAD/FEA integration


  • CAD training
  • Document CAD upgrade for training
  • Document best practice for training