Console products development

Medical console development involves more than just mechanical engineering, such as electrical and electronic engineering. Other mechanical engineering applications include designing with plastics, sheetmetal, optics, just to name a few. With over 18 years of experience, ProAE’s technical expertise can turn your medical console ideas to reality.

Define product development stage: This is a critical road map to all parties involved. At ProAE, we put together a new Virtual Product Development (VPD) (See chart below for detail).

Modular design: This design concept helps serviceability at the field. During development phase, it encourages multiple team efforts and concurrent engineering.

Top Down Design (TDD): This design concept is mandatory since console projects involves multiple mechanical engineering team members. At the early stage of the design, only some product definitions are defined, such numbers of module, weights, etc. With TDD process, the design space model (skeleton model) can be created without completing product definition. Thanks to TDD, the early stage of analysis can be done, such as defining load path, stability analysis, and usability study. The design space data can be reused for further defining product definition.

Define load path: Minimize materials, maximize space of system structure frames. Thanks to the OptiStruct software from Altair, this process can be acquired.

Stability analysis: To ensure the consoles will not tip over with certain requirement, project team must consider this requirement. At ProAE, we perform this analysis according to IEC/EN/AAMI 60601-1 3rd Edition stability.

AR Ready: Augmented Reality to empower us to build immersive AR experiences that transform the way we create, operate ,and service products in the smart, connected world.

Manufacturing requirement : To bring your products to market, these are the final gates your products have to pass through. DFM, DFA, GD&T, tolerance analysis, interference check, etc.: these processes ensure your products are manufacturable, repeatable, and reliable. Project team members shall consider these processes as early as possible in the R&D phase of the projects (See VPD chart below for detail).