FORM & FIT for electrical components

ECAD data & MCAD data collaborate via IDF format.

Facilitating collaboration between mechanical and electrical CAD designers throughout the entire design process is a key strategy to meet business objectives. Mechanical discipline addresses the FORM and FIT of these electrical components while electrical discipline addresses the FUNCTION.

To save time to retrieve pcbs models, We generate two CAD models: PCB ECAD model (fully populated) and PCB MCAD model (Light weight).

  • PCB ECAD model: This is a fully populated PCB model. It represents a complete ECAD model. Since all components are populated, the files size os this model typically larger the MCAD one. This model is utilized only during product development cycle.
  • PCBs MCAD model: Due to large assembly management, this simplified model of the ECAD components is introduced. This model only accumulate the electro-mechanical components such as heat sinks, thermistors, and the tall ECAD components.  The file size of this model typically smaller than the ECAD model since only few components are populated. This model is utilized more often throughout the its product life cycle.

MCAD pcbs have input/output connectors, these connectors are essential components to route cable. With the compact design space and modern products, ribbon cable seems to find it ways into new products such as mobile phone, hand held remote, etc.

  • Cable routing: We covers all types of cable routing such as the same part but has different routing.
  • Ribbon cable: Our ribbon cable can be flatten for manufacturing purpose.